Writing Assignments

Jump Start Your Photography 

10 things I would do to jump start my photography inspiration are:

  1. Trying to learn new lighting techniques
  2. Looking through popular photoblogs and get inspired
  3. Looking around or “look 360” to find new photography opportunities
  4. See an art show
  5. Do a photo assignment
  6. Take family portraits
  7. Do food photography
  8. Shoot in the dark, such as painting with light
  9. Take 5 photos in order to tell a story
  10.  Using different props

Broad Museum Collection Critique  

The Art above is from Yayoi Kusama’s special exhibit: Infinity Mirrors. I think the concept is full of fun and artist. My eyes are easily attracted to the different colored lights that are in the background. Since the room is full of mirrors, they easily reflect, making a galaxy of little lights, which in my opinion is so mesmerizing. Other than the background, Kusama includes a close-up of the lamps that hang up in the room which create the different lighting in the room. Looking at the photo makes me feel at peace and somehow makes me want to go out and travel around the world to visit such sites like Yayoi Kusama’s photograph above.

Photography Job Hunting 

The photography job that I found interesting from the indeed website was being a Fashion Photographer for ZooShoo. Some of the responsibilities for the job is collaborating with their marketing teams to create product advertising concepts, managing the content created on social media platforms and blog, produce graphic designers to use, provide creative feedback, doing research for help find efficient business solutions, and photo editing and touch-ups for model shoots. The requirements are 3 or more years in photography, self-motivated and innovative thinker, hard working and organized, strong strategic and relationship management skills, and lastly strong knowledge with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Canon Lens Experience: 2 Articles Reviews

From articles, “Joe Buissink: Wedding Photographer” and “Stephan Frink: Underwater Photographer” one thing that was very evident was that photography would be the ideal job for anyone who enjoys to capture beautiful moments that vary from many events on land to moments of the sea, and that the photographer themselves feel happy of being part of those special moments. At that the beginning of my interest in photography, I thought that it was all about the special moments that you capture so the moments can be ever last, however, after reading both articles I learned that photography is that and so much more. Photography brings happiness, as well as sadness. It provokes emotions of all sorts. Photography helps people remember how special a moment is that, at the time, was just a regular day. It goes to show how beautiful living can be and how living to the fullest is a top priority.

I chose to read both articles because there were some of the few types of photography that sparked my interest in photography. Underwater photography was the very first type that really captured my eye. I think that wildlife and nature photography can send a very strong message to the rest of the world and it can also show how beautiful the land and water that makes up our Earth is. The Underwater article gives great tips on how to take great images underwater as well as a bit of description of what it takes to become an Underwater photographer. The Wedding article is also a very inspiring and shares great number of details of how the photographer feels when taking pictures of a wedding to what equipment he uses and how he edits.

Both articles are very inspiring and help in furthering my interest in photography. Photography makes such a wonderful and enjoyable career as well as a hobby. I will for sure have photography be a part of my future career.



100 Most Influential List 

The photo above was shot in the year 1965 by the Swedish photographer, Lennart Nilsson. Lennart Nilsson was also a scientist and was known for the photographs of embryos and other subjects that were believed not to be photographed at the time. The fetus above was only 18 weeks and according to the website “Time 100 Photos”, Nilsson was called by doctors at a Hospital whenever there was a fetus to photograph. However, many of Nilsson’s photographs were used for Antiabortion protests and in general, appropriated without Nilsson permission. The photo was very eye catching as it was the first time a full fetus that was fully developed had been photographed. Lennart Nilsson had a separate room that was filled with different lights and lenses specifically for the photographs that Nilsson was shooting.

Although Nilsson had not publicly talked whether he was for or against abortion, the photo definitely captured many people’s attention with a story that tells so much more than politics and global issues. Nilsson, with the use of his equipment, was able to depicture the fetus as if it was still developing and floating in the womb. The photo to me is very impactful and it demonstrates how we all came to be. It still amazes me how women have such power to be able to hold another human being in their bellies. With such photos we are able to discover more and more about life and how it came to be.  I think without the image above, we would still have not a very clear vision of what baby development looks like or how an embryo develops in or less than 9 months.

Sandy Skoglund Writing Critique

Sandy Skolgund is a American installation artist and photographer. Skoglund studied studio art, history, fine arts, printing, multimedia and filmmaking. She later grew fond of photography. Skoglund began to photograph food items against colorful backgrounds. She then created photographs, in which she creates scenes with life size objects and subjects. It takes her a month to complete the scenes that vary in themes. Most of her photography consist of two colors that contrast one another and work well to create a very interesting photograph.

Wassily Kandinsky Writing Critique

After some research, I learned that Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian Painter who started his study of art at the age 30. He later became known as the ‘Respected leader of abstract art movement in the early 20 century. I personally enjoy looking at Kandinsky’s art. They all have different shapes, lines,  and colors which makes his art stand out. I do wonder on how does he know where to place the shapes and lines to make them look good and stand out once the paintings came altogether. The art is very weird and different, but yet it is still very interesting and eye catching.

Why Photography is Important to me

In the article, “Why Photography is Important” the author, Stefano Caioni, gives the readers 15 reasons on why he believes photography is important to him and to others and I certainly agree with the given reasons. Photography has always been a big part of my life. When I was a little girl, I remember going places and my dad taking out his phone in order to capture the precious moment. That is one of the reasons why photography is truly important to me. Being able to capture an instant in time and be able to return to that memory honestly amazes me every time.

As photography can capture a special moment in life, photography can also capture moments that tell us about our history or capture important events that will be history to future generations. To me, it is very important that society is well aware of issues going on around the world today and photography is a great way to spread a message around the world. A photograph can convey many emotions and realizations that help society change for the better. Photography is very important, and it is a very special way that I use to communicate with others and society.

Political Poster 

Global warming is due to activities that we do that releases carbon dioxide and other gases that gathers in the atmosphere and is warmed by sunlight. As the radiation of the sun hit the earth’s surface, they bounce off and back out of earth. However, because of the are trapped gases in the atmosphere, it makes it impossible to for them to leave and it warms the earth, causing Global Warming. I think that it is very important to bring awareness to this political issue as it is destroying the home for humans and for all creatures. My family and my own research of global warming in sophomore year is what influenced my opinion about global warming and also the thought that in a couple of years—if nothing is being done about global warming—our earth will die from the heat trapped in our atmosphere. The flip side of this political issue is that many politicians and organizations deny global warming and believe that there is no necessary action that should be taken to address global warming. I do not see their point of view science clearly states that the earth has become warmer because of the pollutants we create. My artwork is not attended to offend, but to bring awareness to the issue. I think my project does get my point across as it demonstrates how the earth is melting away as a metaphor to show how the earth is overheating. Therefore earth, in my project, would be the focal point.

Critique of Silver List Photographers 

**** Disclaimer- All images included in this critique are for educational purposes only! I do NOT claim to own any of the images below. ****

By Carl Bower https://www.carlbower.com/

Carl Bower is a photographer who photographs intimate portraits and documentary coverage. Bower’s “Bed Portraits” is some of his work that really caught my eye. Taking portraits of the subject in their room and having the subject sit on their bed for the picture is such a creative way to demonstrates a person personality. The person’s position and manner when siting on their bed, gives the audience a little insight of who the lovely person is by being a in place where they have a lot of comfort. Carl Bower’s website is very easy to navigate through, and very nice. Once you open his website, a few of his works appears. His website set up really compliments his work.

By Vikesh Kapoor https://vikeshkapoor.com/A-Collaborative-Polaroid

Vikesh Kapoor is a photographer who photographs race, class and identity. The image on the side is a picture of the photographers parents before they immigrated from the India to the US. I believe that this image from his gallery  “See you at Home” says a lot about how life is before and after arriving to a new and unknown land compared to your home. Kapoor’s website is also very easy to use and navigate through.

$10,000 B&H Shopping Spree

• Nikon D850 DSLR- $2,996.00 I would like to focus more on portraits therefore the Nikon D850 has low noise, its fast and accurate, as well as great sharpness.
• Canon EOS 80D DSLR- $1,149.00. this would be a backup camera.
• Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 85 mm f/1.8G- $476.95, To be able to focus more on the subject.
• Raya 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector Disc- $23.95 to add different lighting when shooting outside
• Angler BoomBox Octagonal Softbox- $110.00 to add soft light on the subject
• Godox SK300ll Studio Strobe (2) – $158.00 to add light on the subject
• Backgrounds (3)- $671.93, to make the subject standout more and to have something pretty in the background (if shooting inside)
• MacBook Air- $899 would be used to upload the images
• Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom- $359.76, used to edit images
Money left: 3,155.39, which would be used for:
• Business cards (100)-$24.00
• Traveling around the world

Read and Reflect:

Making photography your job or your career is the greatest especially when it was a big hobby of yours. In the article, “Why Being a Photographer is (Probably) the Best Job in the World,” the author, Jack Alexander, gives 7 detailed reasons on why he believes that photography would make a great career.
Alexander stated that photography was accessible. In other words, photography is now more popular today as photography is used for marketing, for crafting, and easy to learn about. He also stated that photography is current. Photography, today, is very useful as social media now wants more content. Other reason was that when working as a photographer, you are also working as your own boss/ motivator. As your own boss you can plan and control your day-to-day to your liking. You also have lots of “freedom to dictate everything about your business.” Lastly, you can focus on anything with photography. Photography is a way to think and act creatively. Photography also allows you to relieve stress and is very therapeutic. As the author states photography is “greatest job in the world.