Photo Assignments

Botanical Lay Flat Series

Advertising/Commercial Photography

Graduation Cover




Me and Myself

Woman and Nature

Pop Art

Painting with Light

Painting with Light

Public and Private Self Portrait

Emotion Photo Series

Landscape Oil Painting

Dinosaur Migration (Sandy Skoglund Project)

Wassily Kandinsky Project

Levitation project

Political Poster (Writing of the poster is in the writing assignments)

Shadow Series of 4

Toy Photography

Toy Photography

Tintype Photography…Tintype Photography is a processes that makes photos appear to have a more of old, vintage style to them. To create the image above, I added warmth to the image, used the dramatic warm iPhone filter, used Pics art and add a film filter, and lastly, I added a vignette to focus more on the subject.

Inspired by David Hockney

Food Photography

Travel Poster

Framing Composition

Leading Line Composition

Color Contrast Composition

Depth of Field

Depth of Field

Rule of Thirds